Is the Gospel for sale?

This week I have come across two disheartening items. I was on the Texas Box office website where tickets for events in the Austin area are for sale. My eye caught one advertisement about an event that will feature a well known pastor from Houston.

He has written several books lately and his TV show is very popular. So, I checked out the ad and found out that the event is costing $10 per person. Of course, I realize this is not a lot of money, however, I think it is the principle of the matter. Should a TV evangelist/ pastor/ writer be charging people to hear the Gospel? (Of course, I am assuming a lot when I think he may share the Gospel… )

Another site I was sent to this week concerns a beloved SBC pastor who retired recently. He has many many years of ministry experience. What troubled me was that he has a “Members Only” area where one must subscribe in order to hear/ read sermons and other materials by the pastor. With the age of the internet, most churches/ pastors are excited to put sermons on line so that all people can hear them. However, this brother is charging a subscription fee to hear his sermons.

I don’t want to throw stones at these men. I’m sure they have their reasons for charging money. However, I, for one, can’t see why one would want to make money off of the ministry experience the Lord has allowed them to experience.

Just my opinion…