Isn't it April showers bring May flowers?

I have been in Almaty for a few days and the weather has been cool. It has rained almost everyday and as I type this it is clouding up to rain again.

Almaty is a very “green” city. There are lots of trees here and there is still snow on the mountain tops. Karaganda, on the other hand, is in the middle of the steepe and there are not so many trees.

As the driver was bringing me to the institute on Monday I thought he was taking a different direction since the street was literally covered with trees. I didn’t remember it looking that way since it was winter and early spring the last time I was here.

I am going to an English worship service tomorrow and then will hang out with some Americans that I have met here in the city. I am looking forward to having a somewhat “relaxing” day before I get back into the institute work on Monday.

I walked to the market this evening and wanted to buy some strawberries. I found only one seller and the price was about double what it was just a few days ago. She told me that the strawberries are from Tajikistan and since the border had been closed yesterday due to some conflicts in Tajikistan, the price had gone up. Supply and demand…

Please remember people in Tajikistan. One sister who studied at the institute left yesterday not knowing if she would be able to get into her own country. (I cannot imagine what that feels like…) Anyway, she called me today to let me know that she got home alright. Praise the Lord!