I have always enjoy watching it on TV.  I have even gotten up in the middle of the night to watch it. While living in Kiev in 2005, I got to watch my favorite team win the Championship game.

I think the first mention of the other “it” came in 1985 when I moved to Wichita Falls to attend Midwestern State.  I was interested in journalism and loved sports and in the fall of 1986  MSU hosted the NAIA championships.  Our journalism office was next to the stadium and so the national media in Wichita Falls to cover the tournament used our offices as their headquarters.

It was during that tournament that I learned more about the game and began a deeper appreciation for the game.  My love for the game began in 1986 and continues to this day.

Living in Europe I get many opportunities to watch it.  Donetsk has one of the best teams in Ukraine and has played in the Champions League for the last two seasons.  I have been to a number of the games at Donbass Arena and traveled to Kiev to watch Donetsk play their biggest rivals.

What is “it?”  Football, whether it is the American or European game, I enjoy them all.  I just finished watching the end of the Arizona State and Missouri game and less than 12 hours ago, I watched Shakhtar Donetsk beat Volyn Lutsk in European football on TV.  I have already watched a couple of Shakhtar games on TV.  I guess that would qualify me as a fan!

Later today I will get to watch some American college games.  I love IT!!!