It’s beginning to feel like…

I arrived back in Donetsk on January 3.  It was cold, but not really cold and there wasn’t any snow on the ground.  The temperature started falling and rain feel  one day last week, covering our with water that froze overnight.

So, now there is a 1-2″ coating of ice on the ground that is covered by lots and lots of snow (that continues to fall as I write).  Before all the snow fell, however, walking any where was treacherous due to all the ice.

The weather forecast calls for more snow to fall as well as the temps.  Right now it is 9 F, but the high on Thursday is to be around -6 (minus 6!!!) with the low of -17.  Now those are the kind of temps I endured while living in Karaganda, KZ.

It really is beginning to feel like winter.  Stay tuned for updates!