It’s beginning to look a lot like… part two

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7.  (You can read more here.)  So, as I met colleagues for lunch at Domino’s Pizza in Kiev on Tuesday, it was fun to hear them playing all the old Christmas favorites from the US.

I arrived back in Donetsk this afternoon and met a friend for dinner at Liverpool, a local eatery.  It was quite cool as we walked to the restaurant.  After eating and having a good time visiting, I walked home.  As I passed one of the local clothing stores they had English Christmas music playing.  I had to smile.

Donetsk received a good snow two days ago I am told and it has turned much colder (it is 7 degrees right now!).  So, it looks and feels like Christmas, much different from when I was in Kiev and it was warm (around freezing) and snow melting on Dec 25.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve so the churches will be full.  Merry Christmas!