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It's hard to be sad…

I was able to watch the Oklahoma – West Virginia game this am (Wednesday night for those of you in the US).  I think I have voiced my dislike of UO, however, I was torn as I watched the game.  I really wanted for the Big 12 to have a good showing.  However, I was between the proverbial rock and a hard place with UO.

Stoops may be one of the best offensive minds on the college scene.  However, the UO defense looked pathetic last year at the Fiesta and again this year.  What’s wrong with the Sooners?  Is there a crack in their armor??

Nevertheless, I did wind up “rooting” for the Mountaineers and enjoyed them scoring as quickly as the Sooners scored in the second half.  Watching the game this am “live” on TV was a great joy as well.  Thanks Mountaineers, you made my day…

Mountaineers Slam Sooners in Fiesta Bowl


  1. I heard that. I was pulling for OK. Now cheering for VT. Also, Go Cowboys.

  2. First OK and now VT. Just because you live in Virginia??? Come on now! Let’s go Jayhawks…

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