It's mid-March, spring is here, right??

This morning I woke up to a tremendous snow storm. There were already a couple of inches on the ground and several more were dumped on us before I left at 9 am.

I traveled to a nearby city to visit some brothers and sisters there. I almost didn’t go due to all the snow. Also, I knew the wind was blowing so hard that visibility wouldn’t be great. I was right. However, I was able to get there okay, although it took me about twice as long as usual.

Here are a few photos from today…

First, scene outside my kitchen window during the snow storm; second 5 hours after the storm;

during.jpg after.jpg

Here are a couple of shots from the center of the city…

lenin.jpg street.jpg

This area was completely clean of snow yesterday. It had been 3-5 degrees above freezing the last few days and so most of the snow had melted except for areas where the sun doesn’t shine, like at the entrance to my apartment building. I checked the long range forecast and it should be well above freezing the next few days, so this snow will be history soon. However, I think it was the strongest snow storm I have seen all winter.

I guess that groundhog “Phil was correct…