It's Sunday, so it must be raining

I woke up during the night to the sound of pouring rain. While normally that sound brings joy to my heart, that’s all it seems to be doing lately around here. I know for my family and friends in Texas, it probably doesn’t do that enough there and so I shouldn’t be complaining.

The reverse side of the coin is that lots of rain makes everything so GREEN. It is so beautiful around here in Almaty with all the rain. Then the mountains that are nearby still have a little snow on their caps and when it is clear, WOW, it sure makes for a beautiful site.

I attended an English service again today. The pastor of the church is a good preacher and today had 7 points to his sermon I believe. That has to be the most I have ever seen. He is preaching through Revelation right now and so I have gotten to hear two good sermons from the Book!

After the service I walked over to the Ramstore mall that is a little distance from where the church meets. I ate lunch at the chicken restaurant called Rostick’s. There is one in Kiev as well so I was familiar with what they served.

I went in to the Ramstore grocery store (that I have written about previously) and bought a Time magazine. I walked through the store and found graham cracker pie shells. I had never seen those before!

Afterwards, I took the bus back to the region where I am staying and then went to another grocery store to purchase some items that I needed. (I didn’t buy them at the Ramstore since they would have been more expensive and I would have had to carry them a long time on the bus ride home.

I walked into this small grocery store and what did I see…Doritos Nacho flavored chips!!! I couldn’t beleive it!?! Why am I on this diet so that I can’t try them! And the price was incredible…only a $1.50 for a good size bag! It took all my will power to walk away. I even walked back and looked at them two or three times before I finally left the store. I sure wanted them!

I am preparing my last few lesson plans for the next three days and then I will be finished teaching. I will be going to the dentist on Thursday, I hope, to finally resolve the issue with one of my teeth. Pray all will go well and I can find out the source of my problem and get it repaired.

If I am good and watch what I eat this week, I may just go back to that store and buy those Doritos.