It’s the most wonderful time of the…

I know this song is about 6 months early, however, it is a great time to live and work in Ukraine.  Why?  Talk a short walk with me…

Just a short 5 minute walk from where I am living is a small market.  As one enters the large tent, the smells reach your nose and you could be drawn in a couple of areas.  Of course the sweet smell of fresh fruit reaches your nose, especially the strawberries that are in abundance at the time.

Beautiful, plumb strawberries grown here in Ukraine.  I have tasted them from different areas of the country and they are all very tasty.  Now is the time to eat them as they will disappear soon.

Next to the strawberries are the cherries.  They just arrived in the last few days are are also tasty.  Buying them at the open market allows you to try before you buy.  So, I tasted two different types of cherries and bought the ones I thought were the best.

Just down the aisle is an Uzbek young man selling produce but also lots of spices.  I found fresh cumin that would need to be ground.  Oh, the smells were wonderful.  He sold lots of different spices for all types of meats and foods, lots of Uzbek and Korean spices!

So, it really is a most wonderful time of the year.