It’s Time… for sadness, but the future is bright

The Texas Rangers used the theme “It’s Time” as their theme for the baseball season that just ended.  For them, it did seem appropriate considering what happened this season.

The Rangers made it to the biggest series in baseball for the very first time in history.  I must admit that for me the World Series was truly the series that happened before the World Series… the American League Championship series.  The Yankees are beloved in New York but others “hate” them for the domination they have had in the sport.

I am one such “hater.”  I became even more so a “hater” when Alex Rodriguez and Mark Texiera went there after being with the Rangers.  Alex costs the Rangers more than the 252 million dollars they spent bringing him to Texas, and in some way, they may still be “paying” for that decision.

So to see him strike out in Game 6 of the ACLS to send the Rangers to their first World Series was golden for me.  In many ways, that series was the World Series for me.  I got up very early several times during the ALCS to watch those games.  Only one time during the World Series did I get up.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Rangers used up their hitting in the ACLS as their bats were mostly silently in the WS.

For me, it was a magical season that started back in April when I got to go to my first Opening Day game in Arlington.  My friend, Chad and I attended that game.  Then a few weeks later I attended a Sunday afternoon game.  Afternoon games don’t happen in Texas often due to the summer heat, so it is always fun to attend.

While it would have been great to see the Rangers win it all, again for me, the biggest thrill was seeing them slay their dragon, beating the Yankees.  With new owners, fans are hopeful that the winning has just begun.  Hopefully, Nolan will find some great pitchers willing to come to Arlington.  Then maybe the Rangers can get used to playing deep into the month of October.  Thanks Rangers for a memorable season.  I enjoyed the run!