It’s why I’m here

Thursday was a incredible day for me.  I spent about 4 hours with a young man that I met a couple of weeks ago.  He is seeking answers for the questions he has concerning his life and how those questions/answers will impact his life.

It was great to hear his heart and the struggle going on within him.  It reminded me of some questions I had for myself in 1995 while living in Lugansk, Ukraine.  God really challenged me at the time in some of my beliefs and why I believed them.  Through those struggles, I believe that I came out stronger in my faith and beliefs.  It was a good thing!

So, as I listened to his heart and his concerns, I didn’t want to influence him unduly.  It is important that we come to our own conclusions.  It is great to seek insight and help, but in the end, we must realize for ourselves what God wants to do in our own life.  This is ultimately what I shared with this friend.

So, it was an incredible day for me, even though we took a 2 hour walk in 100 degree temps… it’s why I’m here!