Jacket weather…

I don’t like to pull jackets out “before their time.” The months of June, July and August are not made for jackets. They are made for more leisure wear: shorts, t-shirts, etc.

The last week of May and the first week in June found me in Karaganda and Arkalik Kazakhstan. It was SO hot then. I couldn’t believe how hot it was. I couldn’t sleep at night because it was so hot.

Then the middle of June found it rainy and cool. Several students were complaining that I hadn’t prepared them by telling them to bring a jacket. How was I supposed to know that it would turn off cool.

Then I return to Kyiv in late July and it was been mild at best with just a few days of temps in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s.

I noticed the forecast was calling for cooler temps. This morning was in the 50’s and right now it is 59. It is supposed to be in the lower 60’s all week.

This morning, however, when I got ready to leave, I noticed that the wind was howling and I had on a short sleeve shirt, so I decided to wear my windbreaker. I’m glad I did. It was cool with the wind blowing, however while inside the metro and building I had to pull it off as I got too hot.

I can’t believe that I put on a jacket in August. This never would have happened in Texas unless it was raining and I didn’t want to get wet…