Kazakh New Year

Kazakh New Year is celebrated on March 22. I have been trying to learn more about this celebration and so have been reading about it via the internet.

As I understand it, it is a “new year” holiday that is celebrated at the same time as the beginning of spring. Out with the old, in with the new. New clothes, new relationships, newly restored relationships. They like to begin the new year with a “clean slate.”

One quote from Wikipedia says, “Since Nauriz’s central theme is renewal and joy hence is the tradition on the eve of Nauriz to thoroughly clean you house, return all your debts, forgive all offenses and resentments and to make peace with all with whom you were at odds. It is believed that Nauriz night brings luck and realization of wishes. Therefore one has to greet it with clear soul and mind and to fill all the vessels at home with milk, grain or spring water so that prosperity never leaves one’s household.”

The celebration includes a feast. Traditional dishes are prepared. Yurtas, traditional Kazakh homes, are constructed in towns and some even have contests and award prizes for the best decorated, etc. Since I live in the center of the city, I understand that much of the downtown area will be closed off on Saturday for the celebration. I am planning to visit the celebrations in Saran and Karaganda.

For more info, see the Wikipedia info or here for another article.  Here are of couple of photos of a yurta…