Kazakhstan's Switzerland

About three hours north of Astana is a small village called Burabai (Kazakh) or Borovoe (Russian).  It is situated along a beautiful lake with some mountain ranges rising out of the water to make for some spectacular views.

I had never been there, so some colleagues drove me up there on Friday during a day trip.  When we started out the morning, it was -31 c (-24 F).  It didn’t get much warmer than that all day.

We stopped off at the Sphinx first.  The Sphinx rises out of the lake on one end and is part of a rock formation.

As you can see, from up on the mountaintop, the Sphinx looks much smaller than it actually is.  The second photo is me standing on one of the lowest levels, and the third photo of it stands in contrast to one of the peaks just behind it.

Random shots from the trip.

The locals calls this the “Sleeping hedgehog.”   I do thinking it looks a little like a bear laying flat…

One view I don’t grow tired of is seeing horses out in the extreme cold looking for food.  We saw these horses doing just that.  There didn’t seem to be too much food out in this field.  But the horses’ coats did look healthy and beautiful!

4 thoughts on “Kazakhstan's Switzerland

  1. It was cold… and it is beautiful. It is like an oasis in the desert. I don’t know if you noticed, but in one picture with the additional lakes it appears that it is more steppe and desert just on the other side…

  2. What a beautiful area!!! (I will take the mild cold here though, I think!) I, too, loved seeing the photo of the horses…really draws in the wild and majestic”ness” of the scene.

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