Kyiv is a beautiful city full of green parks.  There are aspects of this city that I miss. However, there is still one thing I don’t miss… the traffic.

Recently, I read a story in a business magazine about traffic in Kyiv.  Remember, this city was built for the most part before cars were readily availabble to people.  According to the magazine, there were 800,000 automobiles registered in the city.  Since then, it has mushroomed to over 1 million.  This means that there is approximately 1 car for every three people of the city’s official population.

Of course, this doesn’t include all the cars from neighboring cities that drive into the city every day and for all the “unofficial” people living in the city with “unofficial” cars.  (People and cars in the city but not registered here…)

Yesterday, I got on a small bus for the 30 minute ride from our office to the apartment were I am staying.  The traffic was so bad that we traveled less than 1 km in more than 30 minutes.  Eventually the bus turned around and traveled a different route and we were eventually on our way.

One brother related to me that his 1 hour journey across town took more than 4 hours recently.

That’s enough to cause one to stop driving all together.