Lake, water, heat…and rain

Saturday, I went to the lake with several friends- Max, Anya, their children, Dima, Elvira and their two boys, and then a couple from their work and their son. We arrived around noon. The trip there was great. There were some large hills dotting the landscape along the way.

As we arrived the clouds and wind were building. As we got to the lakeshore, the wind was really picking up. There were white caps on the water. I got into the water, but it was cold and with the wind blowing I decided to wait awhile.

Later, the wind died down and I did get in the water, however, never went swimming as the water was much colder than I am used to. The sun did come out later, and it heated up the air around us, however, the water stayed cool.

The guys prepared shashkik (shish-kabobs) for lunch and we had a great time visiting with each other. Most of them spoke English, so we spoke in English and Russian throughout the day. Unfortunately, the rain came off and on and so the kids were kind of bored during the rain. However, we had fun playing with them on the beach and on the land around the place we were sitting.

The guys prepared shashlik again for dinner and so we had some wonderful meat for both meals! Thanks guys! IT was a great day of relaxing after a VERY BUSY summer, even in spite of the rain and wind.