Last bell

Ukraine continues some traditions that date back to Soviet times.  Tradition dictates that schools have their “first bell” on September 1, no matter what day of the week it falls on.  Another tradition is the “last bell.”

I was awakened to loud music blaring this morning and I figured that today was the day they would be celebrating.  Most schools in the former Soviet Union hosts all grades in one building.  Typically they have two sessions in a day.  Lower and upper grades attend the morning session and middle grades attend the afternoon session.

So, students gathered to welcome the graduating class. Eventually they started some “marching” music and the students filed into the school, probably for some type of assembly.

Last night, while waiting for some friends at a local McDonalds, there was a group of graduating students eating dinner and enjoying visiting with their friends.  They wear these banners proclaiming “Graduation 2010”.

Congratulations to all who are graduating from school this year!

2 thoughts on “Last bell

  1. This time next year will be celebrating Laura’s college graduation. She has a job in her field this summer and is enjoying it. Glad to hear you are re-connecting with old friends.

  2. It is hard for me to realize Laura is graduating college, so I am sure it is double hard for you! I remember her as a baby when you lived in that big house in WF. God is good!

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