Learning to relax

For Christmas, I received a Fitbit watch. It has been a great gift… one that reminds me that I need to move. The last few weeks it has been hard to move as we have had rain often.

I have enjoyed being back in an area where I can go for walks. There are numerous parks nearby that afford the chance to get in a walk. Recently one late afternoon, I took a walk to a nearby park where we had a children’s camp last summer.

We are planning to have a camp there again this summer and our team prayer walked there a few months ago. I decided to walk over there when I knew the park would have mothers and grandmothers with their children.


Many young mothers use this time to allow their small children time outside, but it is also a time for them to be able to catch up with their friends. I saw numerous moms talking to one another as their children ran about getting exercise and fresh air.

Ukrainians love their parks and most cities have numerous parks within walking distance from homes. These parks come to live in spring until last fall, and even into winter.

Pray for this park and others just like it around Ukraine where summer activities could lead people to a closer relationship with the Creator of all things.