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Let the race begin…

I have been watching the caucus results on CNN. With Huckabee’s surge of late, I wasn’t too shocked that he won. What was shocking was by how much. Currently, he leads the Iowa caucus by almost 10% over Romney. What does it all mean? I will leave the pontificating to the pundits.

Obama is projected to win the Democratic side. I guess this wasn’t too much of a shock either since the media was reporting that he was going to win. However, again, the shocking news is that it appears that Clinton will finish third. Wow!

So, with the first round almost in the books, let the race begin…

I have been watching CNN instead of the KU- VT game which was supposed to have been shown on one of my cable stations.  However, for some reason, the game wasn’t shown and the station is showing the baseball all star game from last July!!! Go figure!

By the way, what issues do you find most important in selecting a candidate???

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