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Life in Karaganda, part deux

I forgot to mention that I purchased a case of Cola Light (European version of Diet Coke).  For some reason, since summer, Cola Light and Pepsi Light have been almost non-existent.  I usually purchase a case of 1 liter since it is cheaper.  However, there hasn’t been any available for a long time.  So, I decided to purchase a case of the Cola Light.  Well, I asked the young lady how much they were and she said 43 tenge.  I thought to myself, cheapest place in town and put the case in the buggy.

Well, when I checked out (my brain had already checked out or I wouldn’t have bought the drinks) the case came to over 1,000 tenge which is  almost $8.50 for the case.   Needless to say, I don’t think I will be doing that again any time soon…

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