Life in Karaganda

Two years ago, there were less than 5 supermarkets.  Now it seems there are many (around 9 or 10).  Saturday, a new hypermarket (that’s what they call it!!!) opened in an old warehouse.  I was quite surprised when I walked in there.  It doesn’t look like the warehouse that housed another grocery store just last year.

Anyway, I went there to check out the prices.  Here is what I found…

  • Ham: almost $5 lb
  • Eggs: almost $2 for 10 (that’s how they sell them in this part of the world)
  • Corn: $1.25 can
  • Green beans: $1.40 can
  • Cheese: around $4 lb
  • Sour cream: $1.20 for about 16 oz.

I’m not sure how, but people seem to be purchasing these items.  The average salary in Karaganda is betwen $200-300 a month.  Of course there are lots of people making more than this, but then many are making less too.

We have a Ramstore that opened last year.  It has several products from the US from the Shop Rite and FoodTown brands.  I enjoy the Raisin Bran cereal, however at almost $7 for a box, I don’t buy it very often.  I still haven’t found boneless/skinless chicken here, but at least I can pull the skin off and cook it that way.

While I was in the US on stateside assignment (Nov-May 2007), I went to Houston and purchased a 220 voltage crock pot.  I have already used it and plan to use it as often as possible.