Life is full of ups and downs

I have been so excited to be back in Kazakhstan. It has been a real blessing for me to be re-acquainted with friends in Karaganda, to play basketball with many of them, to have lunch with others. Even last Sunday, I preached at Bethel church in the morning, that afternoon in Temirtau where our new church start is, and then give my testimony at Bethlehem Star that evening. It was tiring, but it was a good tired.

Monday I attended a pastor’s meeting in Saran, then hopped on a bus to Astana to meet with brothers who have a great plan for starting many new churches in the capital city. It was very uplifting to pray with them.

Tuesday evening, I played basketball with several guys. We played 3 on 3, full court. Boy, was I tired! Again, a good tired!

Wednesday, James, Julie and I drove to Almaty, over 1,000 kilometers and 11 1/2 hours! I will post some photos I took of the landscape. Most of the time the landscape was treeless with a few hills. Almost non-descript.

Wednesday night, I received news that my mom will probably be going to a nursing home. Nothing will take you off a high than receiving news like that. I couldn’t sleep last night as it was difficult for me to grasp that this was/is happening. I am frustrated that I cannot be there during this difficult time. I still don’t know how my mom took the news.

Whatever happens, I realize the Lord is in control. Just today I was reading in “Voices of the Faithful” a story about a donkey being lost/stolen and how the Lord led that donkey to come home at the time when it was needed and it had a sack of grain on its back and the owner had no food! All things happen in God’s timing/plan and I must trust Him in this. However difficult it might be…