Life is good

Wow! Spring has definitely sprung early in Karaganda. It is 50 degrees at this moment and warmer than Kiev. The weather the last few days has been spectacular. However, with clear skies it does get cold here at night. When I woke up this morning it was 19, but when the sun rose, the temps did so quickly.

This is in sharp contrast from last year when I lived here during the winter. We had snow on the ground until mid-April last year. Most of it has melted here except in sunless areas or where it was piled high.

I have enjoyed my time in Kstan. I have played basketball four times with the guys! It has been great. I will tell you that I tried to buy some new nets for the rims at the school. I went to the sports store, told the guy what I needed, asked him if the fit the large rim (as they had a small rim also) and bought two of them.

I got to the school and opened the packages, and realized quickly that they were ball nets to store up to 5 balls in them for easy carrying to and from practice. I probably won’t have time to take them back to the store! Oh, well!