Life redeemed

Alosha will be 20 years old in June. I first met him in the summer of 2004 at Grace church’s youth camp. The pastor of Grace, Valodia, shared with me that Alosha and his friend Kostya were into drugs and alcohol. At the time he was a headed down the wrong path with no hope in sight.

Many of you have probably prayed for him. That summer as I got to spend some time with him, I shared with him the life that God had planned for him and it wasn’t a life filled with drugs and alcohol. He would nod his head “yea” and go on and do his thing.

I left for Kazakhstan in January 2005 not knowing what would happen to him. Finally in late February 2005, Valodia and Pasha (a member at Grace and also a former drug addict) were able to talk him into going to a rehab center. In March Alosha arrived at the rehab center, smoked one last cigarette and entered the center.

In June 2005, Alosha repented and accepted Jesus as his Savior. The change in his life is quite noticable. He hasn’t had one cigarette, no alcohol and no drugs since March 2005.

I met with Alosha and Pasha today. To be honest, with me just returning, being awakened at 5 a.m. this morning, and with a pile of work at home, I didn’t really have time to spend with them, but knew that I needed the fellowship!

I never regret times like this. It was so encouraging to spend time with both of these brothers, to hear how God is at work in their lives and how God is using them. Alosha senses that God is calling him to work with youth and would be a great testimony of the grace of God in one’s life.

Alosha is still at the rehab center, but will be returning to Kyiv to live with his mother and step-father. Please continue to pray for him as he readjusts to live in the city and with the pulls of this world that will be there.

I praise God for how He has worked in Alosha’s life. As we parted this evening, he asked me to continue to pray for Kostya (his best friend) whose life is heading down that same path that Alosha’s was before God came into his life. Will you commit to praying for Kostya’s salvation?