Like father… like son…

Roma is like a son to me.  I met his family in 1994 in Lugansk, Ukraine.  Roma was seven years old when I moved to Lugansk.  His father and mother attended the services where I was helping.  We became friends and saw each other often outside of church.

I grew to love this family and Roma and another child, Sasha, became like my children.  To this day, I care deeply for these families.

I had a wonderful treat last night!  Roma is involved with an evangelical student group in Kyiv.  The leaders meet for a time of food and fellowship each Thursday night.  He invited me to attend their meeting last night.

After having dinner, they asked me to share about myself so I spoke about my life as a missionary.  Later, it was a surprise for me to find that Roma was going to lead their Bible study!  He guided them in some terrific discussion (some of which I didn’t understand due to some speaking in Ukrainian!) and used illustrations along the way.

Overall, for all that I understood, it was a good Bible study.  However, I was most proud (like a father) of seeing how Roma has grown in his walk, his devotion to scriptures and his love for sharing with people.  I couldn’t have been prouder at that moment!

4 thoughts on “Like father… like son…

  1. Hey Joe! That’s awesome! Your work is being blessed, and it’s great to see it happen!

  2. Joe:

    “God is faithful”! Is the first thought that came to me on reading this.

    Our oldest Daughter Harmony (25)was married one month ago to a good Christian young man. At the wedding I spoke of how we were celebrating that day not just the wedding but God’s faithful. How Harmony and her husband had prayed for years, and all the parents too, for God to provide a Christian mate and on that day God was showing his faithfulness.

  3. Joe, your blog about Roma reminds me of what it says in Scripture, “I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (3 Jn 1:4) Seeing those that you have had an influence on going on with the Lord is the most rewarding part of ministry. Thanks for sharing that.


  4. @Danny, I was soooo proud of Roma last night and told him as much. Wow, what a great Christian young man!
    @Mike, I agree with you so much. How neat that God worked in such a way at the wedding!
    @Sam, it is such a blessing for me to see him (and others) who are doing such a tremendous work in the Lord’s name. God is good!

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