Living far from “home”

My sister called me at 7 a.m. my time.  I wasn’t awake, but I got the message later in the morning.  I knew something must be bothering her as she doesn’t call me that late (11 p.m. Texas time).

One of my aunt’s is really sick and I figured the call was concerning her.  I have always been close to my mom’s family.  Back when I was still in seminary, in two years, 4 of her siblings died.  Mom has been gone now 3 years, and I try to keep in contact with her 4 siblings and their families.  But, I must admit that living this far from “home” is difficult in times like this.

I spoke with my aunt by phone last Saturday and she could hardly speak.  She tried to talk but I could tell it was painful for her to do so.  I did my best to encourage her to remain strong and to rely upon God.

I lived with this aunt and her husband for a season when I was a young adult.  They allowed me to live with them while I tried to find a job in 1984.  The job market was incredibly tight then, but my aunt and uncle did their best to help me.

I love my family tremendously.  God has blessed me with some very loving and giving people in my live who have been great to me.  Therefore, it is tough being so far away from them with the only communication being by phone.

So, I pray and ask for God to be present in their lives, to fill them with His love and comfort and to bless them, even while I live far from “home.”

4 thoughts on “Living far from “home”

  1. Joe, I understand. We are praying for you. You and I know that what you described is hard but also being where & doing what God wants of you is best
    for you. Love you brother.

  2. Virgil, People like you do know what it is like. Much of the time it feels like we have one foot in US and one foot in the country where we live, without connecting in either. After almost 10 years of this, it doesn’t seem to get any easier. But, I agree with you completely that it is best to be where God wants you to be!

  3. Joe,
    Dont know what to say other than to let you know U are part of our family and we love ya bro.
    Praying for you to have peace and that He would fill your time of lonliness.

  4. Joel,
    Thank you so much. I am grateful for my family here that loves me. I can’t really say that I am lonely… just thinking about my family in America. God is in control… I have to let Him be!

    Love you brother and truly appreciate you!

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