Lord's Supper

The first Sunday of every month the Lord’s Supper is observed in Baptist Churches in the former Soviet Union. Most, if not all, churches use real wine and fresh bread, unlike most Baptist churches in the States.

As an ordained minister, I am called upon to help with these observances. Since children’s Sunday school takes place during the service, the pastor has a time of administering the ordinance to the SS workers. Yesterday, he was scheduled to meet with all the baptism candidates after the service, so he asked me to do it. I was honored and shared with them an early memory of mine from when I was a teenager and participated in the observance and how serious I took the event.

During the morning service, I remember watching 3 children sitting on the back row of one of the sections. They intently watched me as I passed the elements to those believers sitting near them. They turned and watched as I passed them to those adults standing in the back of the room. Then, they watched me as I walked back to the front of the room. Every moment their eyes were on the bread and then the wine cup.

I was struck by their attentiveness to the moment. It showed me the importance we should hold to this remembrance. It is a special occasion, and no matter how often we participate in it, it should never be treated in any other way…