Lost in translation, too

Thursday afternoon I needed to pick up some advertisements that we had printed for the English group starting next week.  I asked Sergei for an address but he said I wouldn’t find it.

He told me to get on a bus and go to a stop and get off and call him.  Which I did.  Now the fun part began.  I began walking in the direction I thought he told me to go.  I went a few yards and told him what I saw and he said I wasn’t in the right place.  So, I went back to the beginning.

He kept using some right words, left, right, but also “down” which I had never heard in this context.  After some “dumbing down” of the language, he got me headed in the right direction.  So, I began walking down this side road which was more like a skating rink with all the ice on it.

I had taken off my glove and ear covering so that I could talk on the phone and by now, with the temp hovering around 10 degrees my hand and ears were getting cold.  I walked in what I thought was the right direction, but found myself off course.  I knew I had to be in the right general area as there was only one building that had a brick wall around it.

After a while and wishing that Sergei had come to get the advertisements, I was ready to give up.  However, I saw a man walking toward me and asked if he could talk to my friend and point me in the right direction.  They chatted for a moment, he smiled and nodded and I realized he knew the place I needed to go.

So, they hung up and the guy told me how to get there.  After a couple of minutes I finally found the place and called Sergei back to tell him.  I was happy!  I went in, paid for the stuff and left.

Mission accomplished!  I can get anywhere, just tell me lefts, rights and give me a few markers and I will be on my way.  Yet, better, give me the address and I will look it up on Google maps or on my GPS.

I realized quickly that it was too cold for me to be walking around a place that I had never been, looking for a place or a building that was hidden by another building.  Fortunately, someone happened to be in a place where I needed some help and God put us in contact with one another.

I was ready to give up, but the Lord sent a messenger who “found” me and sent me along my way.

3 thoughts on “Lost in translation, too

  1. So, Joe, you weren’t lost or even misled!! GOD had a plan all along……good story. Glad to hear that you are doing so well and that your ministry is getting off to a good start. I truly enjoy reading about your escapades and how the LORD is using you. Thank you for listening to HIM and being obedient. Sincerely, Jan Haynes

  2. Joe, enjoyed your adventure and many of us can relate. Really reminded me of a “lost” world full of people searching in many directions. I’m glad you hung in there until the mission was accomplished! 🙂 Francesca Battistelli has a new song out, “This Is the Stuff”, I chuckle because it is very close to your adventure and daily stuff….:) Keep sharing His Love, Son and Message!

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