Lost, then found

My father served in France and probably Germany during World War II.  Since I was born almost 20 years after the war, I never heard my father talk about his time in the war.  I have heard bits and pieces of stories, but never much.

During my recent trip home, my sister gave me a group of photos she found while going through some of our mother’s boxes.  My mother had lots of boxes and lots of photos.  She always carried pictures with her and she would pull them out to show a complete stranger.

So imagine my shock as I went through the envelope of pictures my sister handed me.  I didn’t recognize any of the photos.  Not one.  Especially shocking for me were the photos of my father from the war.  There were three of them.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I have no explanation why it took me 49 years to see these pictures.  I cannot imagine why mom never showed us these pictures.  My two sisters were confounded as well since they had never seen them either.

I have been trying to piece together my dad’s service record and these pictures help me understand a little more of what he went through during that time.  My dad grew up in southwest Oklahoma on a farm.  I am sure he was overwhelmed with all he saw on the ground in France and other places.

So, even though the mystery of the photos is not fully understandable, I am so glad to have these pictures.  My absolute favorite is my dad standing on the downed Nazi plane.  Found at last.


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  1. How neat to find those photos. My grandmother tossed the photos in a box. Glad you were able to visit Southwest Okla on your recent trip, that is near my old stompin grounds.

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