Lots of changes in Karaganda

Many of you will remember that I lived in Karaganda from January to June 2005. It was a growing time for me for sure. I remember not speaking a word of English the first month I was here. There were only a couple of small grocery stores and one of the best closed just a month after I arrived.

Much has changed since then. We have a grocery chain store called “Southern” that has opened up and has at least 4 stores in Karaganda. Another chain “Gros” has one store and then Ramstore opened last September. Ramstore is a Turkish chain and they sell many food products from the US (private label mostly). However, I did find Doritos and salsa recently in the store. I understand that another grocery store will be opening soon here.

While traffic is not as bad as Kyiv, Almaty or Astana, we do have our own problems that I think will continue to grow as more people buy automobiles. My friend, Max, works at a software company. Two years ago, all the cars for the employees would fit in their parking lot which held maybe 10 cars. Now, they are parking all over the place. You can definitely see the difference.

2 thoughts on “Lots of changes in Karaganda

  1. Doritos?!!! Salsa?!!! Wow! Do you need a visa just to come on a shopping trip? Seriously, I hope all your stuff arrives and that you are feeling more and more at home in Karaganda and that God is at work!

  2. You do need a visa, however, you are welcome any time! My stuff did arrive safely, PTL, and seems to have survived 30 days in a container without getting ruined by the weather!

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