Lots of new photos!

UPDATE: I have all my NYC photos uploaded at flickr… I hope you enjoy!!!

To the left of this post, I have uploaded lots of new photos from my trip to NYC on Flickr.  I hope you will take a view…

Also, I haven’t uploaded all of them yet. So check back soon…

2 thoughts on “Lots of new photos!

  1. Nice photos. Seems you have been quite a few places since returning to the states.
    What about the Texas snow? And you took the picture while your aunt shoveled—or did you help her?

  2. Ann,
    You are right. I intentionally did a lot of my traveling due to my schedule beginning in January.
    I enjoyed the snow in Texas, Delaware, NH, and OH. BTW, actually I did most of the shoveling, my aunt did come out for a few minutes and I took the picture to show her “younger” brothers and what she still can do! 🙂

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