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Lots of Snow!!!

According to the Russian calendar, today is the first day of spring, however, someone forgot to tell mother nature. It started snowing this morning and hasn’t let up all day! While it hasn’t added up to what New York City got recently, it is still more snow than this Texas boy is used to.

I had to drive in it this afternoon, and that always makes me nervous. I can pretty much control myself, but I cannot control other drivers pulling out in front of me, etc. I had to drive across town and saw numerous accidents. I was worried that I would get stuck in rush hour traffic coming home, but did not.

I stopped off at one of the mall’s in town to meet with my friend Tolik. He wanted to chat with me, so we met at a coffee shop, drank coffee and visited. I waited long enough for most of the rush hour traffic to be gone.

I arrived home around 8 p.m. and as I walked up to my apartment from the parking garage (yes, I have an underground parking garage and boy am I thankful for it on days like today!), the city workers were out sweeping and shoveling the snow off of our sidewalks. I was amazed! Here is is 20 degrees, and they were out at 8 p.m. cleaning off the sidewalks around our neighborhood. I said a prayer for them…

It is supposed to snow all night, so, I don’t know what I will wake up to in the moring…

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