Lots to celebrate!

Nine years ago I started this blog and today I am celebrating the 1,000 post.  Additionally, it was in February 1994 that I moved to Ukraine the first time.  So much has happened in that time!

I started the blog in February 2005 because I had just moved to Karaganda, Kazakhstan, a city in the middle of the Kazakh steppes, and the coldest place I have ever lived.  I found it somewhat humorous that the Lord would move a Texas boy that loves Texas summers to a place where winter begins in October and, if you’re lucky, it will thaw by May!

For the most part I enjoyed winters in KZ because the sun was visible much of the time.  Winters in Ukraine and much of Europe are difficult due to the gray, short days.

In the last nine years I have also gotten to travel to places in Europe and Central Asia.  I have been able to see parts of the world a guy from a small east Texas town could only dream of.  God has truly blessed me.  I have lived in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia.  Traveled to Armenia, Turkey and much of central Europe.

It all started 20 years ago when I moved to Lugansk, UA.  It was a journey that took almost 1 1 /2 years for me to get to the point of moving to Lugansk, but once I arrived, it didn’t take me long to know this is where God wanted me.  I absolutely love living in this part of the world.

There is so much I could write and reflect about in this space.  You can read my first post here.

Thanks for being a huge part of this project.  I enjoy writing and will continue to do so as the Lord lays on my heart things to write.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.