David Mehaffey, a colleague, and I travelled to Lutsk in western Ukraine over the weekend. We went there to share in the joy of a church there sending a missionary couple to Kazakhstan. The first email I received about Roman Gapanchuk’s interest in Kstan was October 2005.

Over the last 9 months, we have met, emailed, spoken by phone and traveled together to speak at colleges and seminaries in Ukraine. I am very excited that Roman and his family are finally getting to move to Kstan. He is very talented and looking forward to started a new church (I pray many new churches!!!) there.

The city is located in western Ukraine and they only speak Ukrainian out there. It was interesting, but most of the time if I spoke in Russian, most of them answered me in Ukrainian. There is only one problem, I don’t understand Ukrainian too well.

It is a lovely city, clean, hospitable and had a European feel to it. Of course, much of western Ukraine has been under the control of the Astra-Hungarians, and Poland at some time of their history. The closer you get to the Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Polish borders, you find people speaking a mixture of languages!

Please pray for the Gapanchuk’s. They will spend 4 days on a train, and be adjusting to live in a somewhat different culture, and then getting used to the weather! Also, please remember Timofey, 7 years old, who is leaving 2 sets of grandparents, cousins, and friends for life in a new place.