Man on the street… in below freezing temps

I have seen him in the same spot between two restaurants on a busy walkway for several months.  Now that our temperatures have been below freezing for weeks, I wondered if he would still be out on the sidewalk, selling his wares.

I saw him a few days ago and I wanted to engage him in conversation but he was busy with several people and it was cold on the street so I didn’t stick around.  So, this afternoon, I passed him on the way to the coffee shop and decided that I would visit with him on my return.

After enjoying a great cup of Viennese coffee, I packed up my things and walked to meet him.  He was selling some DVD’s so I had to wait a few minutes.  I walked up and introduced myself to him and he told me his name is Kolya.  He stuck out his hand and so we shook.  He didn’t have any gloves on and so when we shook, I felt the extreme cold of his hands.

I asked him why he was on the street in such cold (even though I knew the answer).  He has a family to take care of and this is one way he can help do such a thing.  He shared with me that he has grown accustomed to the cold as he is there day in and day out.

We talked movies a little and I asked him if he had any English language movies.  He pulled out a few and told me a little about them.  He suggested two movies that I knew little about, but I was feeling the need to buy something from him for his time.  So, I purchased the movie, “Planet 51” which I hope to actually watch someday.

By then, I was getting really cold.  We chatted for a few more moments and someone else showed up to buy some DVD’s. So I said goodbye but promised to be back.  I look forward to visiting with Kolya…

4 thoughts on “Man on the street… in below freezing temps

  1. Ann Ussery here in Texas sends me your weekly Impact sheet. I have a nursing home ministry here in Houston – now 10 years old — My prayer warriors pray for you weekly….We pray Kolya will be – if not already –
    saved….That is my ministry – making sure everybody understands it is God’s Word that saves and everyone is given the opportunity…Many in the nursing homes have been saved with the Romans Road salvation message.
    A Messenger only, as God blesses you and yours,
    Lorie Detter

  2. Lorie,
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to write. Thank you for praying for Kolya. If you would like to receive my IMPACT prayer, send me an email at josephragan3 (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Nicolai the video guy. Keep up the good work. Ministry happens in the context of relationship… but there I go telling you something you already knew. 🙂

  4. Have you met him? He seems to be a really nice guy, but I wouldn’t want his job!! Of course, I wouldn’t want the job of the ladies who take care of Pushkina Blvd either. Out in the elements, cleaning the sidewalks of snow and ice…

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