Max and Olga

Max and Olga are getting married Saturday, May 27 in Kyiv. They are members of Grace Church where I attend.

I became acquainted with Max last summer. Olga is Pasha’s sister and Pasha is one of my good friends in Kyiv.

I went to the beach (on the Dniper River in Kyiv) with some brothers one day and met Max there. We got to talking and he shared with me that he was enamored with Olga. So, I began to pray for them. During the summer their relationship took off.

By the end of the summer it was apparent that he loved her very much. He asked her to pray about marrying him and on New Year’s eve she finally told him yes!

Yesterday, I took them out to eat to celebrate their impending wedding. We went to eat at the Mexican restuarant in Kyiv’s Podol area (which is like Old Town in other European cities). Afterwards, we went walking along the Dniper river and then had coffee and dessert at a European cafe called “Repriza.” It was a great evening. They are wonderful young people commited to each other and to their Savior. If you would, please pray for them this week as they prepare for their lives together.