May Day and Easter, May 1

Sunday, May 1 is May Day, an old Soviet holiday that I think is like Labor Day in America. Also, this year, Orthodox Easter is May 1. Today (Saturday) the workers were out hanging bunting around the center near my apartment. Also, other workers have been painting and cleaning up.

I have never witnessed a May Day celebration, so I am not sure what will take place here in Kazakhstan. Many of the old Soviet holidays have been kept and they use them for patriotic purposes in the new independent state. Since I am planning on going to church in the morning, I may be find out what type of celebration they will have here in Karaganda.

Also, May 9 is Victory Day in the former Soviet Union, and since this is the 60th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War (what we call WWII), banners and reminders of the anniversary are located throughout the city. I know that a big celebration is being planned for Moscow.

One of my elderly neighbors, Lubov Petrovna, gave me an Easter cake and a decorated egg for Easter. That is an Easter tradition. Many Orthodox believers went to church today to get their eggs and cakes blessed by the priest.