McDonald's is my kind of place?!?

I have seen anything like it in America except during the lunch hour or when the tour busses stop, maybe. What is it? A crowded McDonald’s. However, you can’t eat at a McDonald’s in Kiev and it not be busy!

I do not eat there very often, simple because I don’t like the food at Mickey D’s (now if there were Burger King’s here that would be a different story!).

This evening, I had to purchase some new tires for my car and then drop off some documents at one of my colleagues apartments. I had a 6:30 pm appointment, not enough time to go home change and get to my appointment (not with the traffic in Kiev!)

So, I decided to grab a salad and burger from McD’s and enjoy the hour I had to kill. Well, I arrived at the local McD’s and it wasn’t too crowded. Well, before I sat down, the place was FULL! People were standing around waiting to grab a table as someone got up to leave.

What I enjoyed most is watching the young people. There were several tables with teenagers, and just like teenagers in America they were cutting up with one another, laughing. It was a lot of fun to watch.

Well, I decided to hurry up and leave since there was a young married couple with a small child waiting for someone to leave so that they could sit down. By the way, the salad was pretty good with the blue cheese dressing and the cheeseburger tasted just like the one’s in America except with the mustard that has a hint of horseradish in it.

Somethings just never change…