Medical center in Astana

I have a dear friend, Vitaliy, who is a pediatrician.  He and his wife live in Karaganda with their young daughter.  Recently, Vitaliy was given the opportunity to accept a new position in the Women and Children’s Medical Center in Astana.

It is a fairly new facility located in the new capital region of the city.  Last week while I was in Astana to get necessary documents I had the chance to visit Vitaliy at the center.  He met me and took me on a tour of the hospital.

I can confidently say that I haven’t seen this type of medical center in all my travels in the former Soviet Union.  The clinic/ hospital is extremely clean, bright, highly professional and modern.  I witnessed the set up they have for children and their mother should the child need surgery.  The mother is allowed to stay with the child and are provided a bed in the room with the child.

The intensive care unit is equipped with the most up to date equipment.  The CT scan machine is new.  I was thoroughly impressed with the facility.  I am thankful that Vitaliy is able to gain valuable experience in this facility.  Please remember him and his family.