Memorial Day 2010

Today is Memorial Day in the United States.  It is the day we remember all servicemen and women who have served valiantly to defend our country and its constitution.

My dad, seen in this picture taken after he returned, served in France and Italy during World War II.  My dad was a teenager when he left for the war.  Growing up in a farming community in Kiowa County, OK, he hadn’t seen much of the US before he was drafted into the war.

Unfortunately, he saw “too much” during WWII, to the point that I don’t remember him ever talking about the war.  Now that my dad has died, I only have the stories that older family members can share and those are too few indeed.

As I have gotten older, I have a desire to know more about my family roots.  My dad’s family has been traced, thus far, back to Ireland and the Connaught region in the mid 1600’s.  I am planning a trip there for September if all goes well.

Today, though, is for remembering men and women like dad who have fought and served our nation well.  If you have served thank you for making great sacrifices for our country.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2010

  1. Hi Joe,
    Just read all your latest daily updates. All very interesting and noted your requested p’rer items. Loved reading about Roma and how he has grown and matured in his walk. Yes, and so you should be proud like a father because I am certain you had much influence when he was a child. Big praise on that from us. I share a love for hamburgers with you. Just had to have one myself last Friday. I love Whataburgers, with cheese, of course, and fries. Probably the reason you don’t like ketchup on your burgers is because of your roots … not done in cowboy country. I prefer mustard and with everything. Also, thank you very much for remembering your Dad and all veterans. It is very meaningful for me when the younger generation acknowledges their sacrifice and service. Especially meaningful for me to read today (Memorial Day) as my husband died last July 31st and he was a 20-year retired Air Force man. He was all about our Father, our country and our family. That’s who he was. I miss him terribly, but I do not grieve without hope. How thankful I am for assurance of our true home. You are in our thoughts for abundant fruit for that home and effective work and guidance in it for you. Keep blogging, we’ll keep checking in to read the latest news. All the best, Shirley and TABC friends.

  2. Shirley, please tell the ladies from TABC hello! I love hamburgers with mustard and mayo (not salad dressing!) and all the trimmings! I had a great hamburger in Austin a few months ago. Used to like BJ Keefers, but it wasn’t on Magnolia the last time I was on the street.
    Whataburger is good, unfortunately, Sonic’s burger tend to be cold… One thing has changed for me… I know like my fries with mayo! Probably not a “healthy” as with ketchup 🙂
    Thanks again for stopping by. Thanks for your husband’s service to our country…

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