I have just finished 5 days of mission services in southern MS. Wow, what a special time!

Last Saturday, I flew into Gulfport- Biloxi airport. As we flew over the gulf coast, I noticed numerous foundations where homes or businesses once stood. Obviously, Katrina’s effect is still being felt along the coast.

As we drove up into the southern most parts of MS, many trees were fallen, but I didn’t see huge piles of trash, etc Many roofs are still needing repairs.

There are numerous Baptist churches in MS. There seem to dot the landscape on every back road you may cross. I felt like it was home.

My host church, New Life, is located right on the Greene and George county line. The church is only about 17 years old and have very nice facilities. They have a gym as well.

On Sunday a.m. I spoke at New Life. There were several special songs sung and I was touched by them all. After the service, there was an all church luncheon. Baptists sure know how to eat!!

That evening, I spoke at Southside BC. A colleague in Kyiv actually served as pastor there before heading to Kyiv in 2004. It was great to meet the people there!

Monday night I traveled to Neely, Tuesday I went to New Hope and then Wednesday night I traveled to Sand Hill BC. Each of them treated me wonderfully. Wednesday night, Sand Hill BC had a Valentine’s dinner. We had a great time!

Every day at lunch the pastors and missionaries would have lunch and I got to hear some great testimonies from people serving on an Indian reservation, Brazil and other places. It was great to hear their stories.

God is at work in MS and it was great to see Him at work and people being on mission!

Saturday I will be traveling to another county in MS for another 5 days of mission services…