Monday morning in Texas

It’s Monday, August 13 in Wichita Falls.  The city finally hit 100 degrees over the weekend.  It’s hot here and I heard that it was in the 70’s (for highs) in Kazakhstan.  While it sounds like fall has arrived in Kstan, summer is holding on here in Texas.  This is the latest it has ever hit 100 in in a summer in Texas.

Last week was a blur for me.   After mom’s service in WF, we drove to east Texas on Wednesday afternoon.  We arrived in Mount Pleasant and spent the night there.  We were able to spend some time in the pool relaxing.  It was the first time this summer to go swimming.

Thursday morning we arrived at the cemetery and had a nice service for mom.  Lots of relatives that didn’t drive to WF drove there for the service.  Afterwards, my niece Sherrie and her family (including in-laws) prepared lunch for us.  We had a nice time visiting and eating some good BBQ.

God’s Spirit was evident in all that took place and He brought tremendous comfort, peace and love to me.  I cannot tell you the number of cards, calls and emails I have received.  Thank you for remembering me and my family…