More rain…

I hate to tell my Texas friends, but it continues to rain here. The sidewalk in front of my apartment building is like a small lake and I cannot even walk that way. I think that since the first week of June when I was in Arkalik, that I have probably seen only 2-3 days without rain in Kstan.

My friends say this is highly unusual for Karaganda. It is usually hot and windy, which we haven’t seen much of either since I have been here (and I’m not sure that I’m complaining…) Several of my friends invited me to a picnic at a lake today, but the forecast said it was going to be rainy and cool.

While it did rain today, it wasn’t as cool as it was supposed to be and actually was quite nice today when I was out for a walk. However, it is clouding up now and will be raining before too long.