More random thoughts for a foggy November

Day four of the great fog out. I’m beginning to think that I live in England or some other place that has fog for days. I can’t remember a time when the fog has stayed around this long.

It dissipates a little during the day, but as nightfall comes, the denseness returns.

I have stayed indoors most of the week since I have been sick. So, after studying and stuff, I have had the TV on more than usual. This afternoon I probably witnessed one of the most outrageous TV shows ever.

You are probably aware of the overabundance of reality shows in America. On my cable, there is a Reality TV station. Today I saw a show called “Eye for an Eye” that has a judge called “The extreme Akim” and Kato Kaelin (from OJ trial fame) as the host.

Well, there were two women on the show. I won’t bore you with the details, but the judge ordered them to have a pillow fight. Then Kato, at the ring, gave each of them a bottle of syrup to squirt on each other and then the person with the least amount of feathers on them at the end would win the decision. How’s that for justice!!!

When I see things like this on TV here, it causes me to wonder what non-Americans think of us when they see stuff like this. Of course, on Russian TV they have only taken the best of what American has to offer to copy…for example, Survivor, Big Brother, etc. Now that’s quality TV! (I hope you realize that I am being sarcastic!)