More Snow, more of Budapest

I didn’t have any doctor appointments today so I went with a colleague to see the site around town. As we left the house this a.m. it began snowing. As we took the #58 bus to the #18 tram it was pretty to see the snow falling. It takes about an hour to get downtown from where the house is located.

We visited one of the museums in the Buda Palace. There were lots of Christian paintings and artifacts. Some of the paintings were beautiful

Later we had lunch at Burger King and then went to the central market. I walked down to a couple of shops I had visited on Saturday to pick up a porcelan cross for my collection.

We got home and I had a piece of chicken (from KFC) with a salad. I am tired after the long day of walking and riding transport.

Anyway, it looks like the Mexican food is a go for Thanksgiving Day. Since I have a doctor’s appointment at 6 p.m. we will go after that.