Mountains, Medeo, Chimbulak

While in Almaty, I took a group of friends up to the mountains surrounding Almaty.  Medeo is a sports complex situated in the mountains.  During the winter it serves as a skating rink.  During the winter, there were people roller blading and riding bikes around the surface.

After taking these shots just above Medeo, we travelled up to Chimbulak, a ski resort that has transformed the mountain side.  We took a trip up the ski lift to a higher point of the mountain.  It was incredibly beautiful.

From the mountain, one can see the city in the background.  Also, the rushing river that runs down the mountain was lots of fun, however, the water was extremely COLD!  People drive up into the mountain to get fresh water from the river…

It was an incredibly beautiful day.  Nice, warm, but not too hot…  Come see the beauty of Kazakhstan!

3 thoughts on “Mountains, Medeo, Chimbulak

  1. Joe, incredible pictures and I know it is more so in person as a picture just cannot capture being there. This was much more enjoyable than seeing the pig – ohhh boy that was not my idea of a outing!!!

  2. The thing that impressed me about the center is that the guys are learning to be self-sufficient. The pig killing was an “extra” for me as well… 🙂

  3. Hello Joe !
    I was glad to see you on your website. We remember you and will be glad to see you again.
    Ilia and Udel Elgurt

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