Music Medicine

Through this whole process of learning I had stage IIB pancreatic cancer, surgery, several complications and then enduring chemo and radiation treatments, music has been a constant companion.  One dear friend has been consistently sending me video links and has introduced me to several songs that have become favorites.

The first video he sent me, by Tenth Avenue North, has been my favorite. “I have this hope” reveals someone on a unknown journey with questions flooding their mind.  That was me after my surgery and upon learning that my cancer was malignant.  My biggest question was if I would ever return to Ukraine.  I remember that sunny Sunday morning in spring as I walked to church and the Lord gently told me that all would be okay, even if I wasn’t able to return to Ukraine.

Another song that has really touched me is No Longer Slaves.  Fear seems to grip people and causes people to be unable to cope.  Yet, as one who has been reborn, I should not fear, especially the unknown.  The Lord has really helped me grow in this area.  I’m not where I would like to be, but I am on the journey to be able to sing that I am no longer a slave to fear!

Lauren Daigle has become another favorite.  Her song, Trust in You, helped reinforce for me that although things may not go the way in which I planned, I could still trust Him.

My hope comes from having a relationship with the Lord.  He helps me overcome the fears that seem to invade life from time to time due to circumstances (and those circumstances are most of the time temporary and will pass!).  Then, through it all, He is always by my side and I know that I can trust Him.

These are just three songs, out of many, that have been meaningful to me.  They truly have been “medicine” for my soul.

3 thoughts on “Music Medicine

  1. Music often speaks to me too. And fear is one of Satan’s best weapons against us – always planting the question, “Can I really trust?” Of course, we can; but in our human weakness, it can be difficult.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Delirious? – they have great worship music – their concerts were extremely worshipful….you’d be surprised some of the worship songs you know that Martin Smith wrote. Matt Redmon has used a lot of Martin’s work.
    Let’s get lunch or breakfast brother!

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