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My first car sticker…

Last year when I went home in August I picked up this sticker when I went to the Texas Travel Center in Wichita Falls…



By the way, doesn’t the car look great?!  Wow, I am blessed…


  1. Joe,
    Love the sticker! Great choice. It might prove to be a good conversation starter…at least for visiting non-Texans!!!
    Don and Diane

  2. I love the sticker too!!
    One of your fellow Texans.

  3. Inez Eggers says:

    Wow! Your car does look great. This is the first picture I have seen of it. CONGRATULATIONS! Also, trust you are still enjoying the use of the clothes dryer. God has blessed you, but also us in knowing you and in being able to share fellowship with you when you are stateside. Look forward to seeing you later this year. WITH OUR LOVE. Smoky and Inez

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