My sister Nola

Please pray for my sister Nola. She has been in the hospital for a number days already. She was on a ventilator for a couple of days and, after removing it, they put her on a bipap. (I’m not sure what that is…)

Any way, they have her somewhat stabilized right now, but the family is not sure what the next step is…

UPDATE:  My niece told me on Wednesday that they were able to take my sister off the bipap machine for about 1 1/2 hours.  She does seems to be stabilized.  The family is greatly encouraged by this news.  Thank you for praying!

3 thoughts on “My sister Nola

  1. I’m praying, brother… may His loving Spirit heal your sister, comfort and guide your family, and show the doctors what to do. I pray He will bless you all.

  2. Thanks Steve. I truly appreciate all you do!
    Don, Diane, Misook and David, thanks for taking the time from your meetings to read and write. I hope you are having a great time meeting/greeting brothers and sisters from across Kstan! Hope to see you all soon…

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