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Na konits…

“In the end” the kitchen, after more than 4 months, is finally finished (not withstanding some decor touches)!  The cabinet guy came on Monday and changed out the door that was not the right size.  Then I had to change the doors on the refrigerator so they would open up correctly (which took some time…).  Then on Tuesday and Wednesday Misha and Sasha had to deal with the radiator.

Here are a few shots from the finished work…

It was well worth the wait and inconvenience.  Doesn’t it look great?!?

Here is a before and after photo from the radiator problem…


  1. A four month apartment remodel, that must be a new record – for quickness!
    Seriously, you have done a great job, I’d hire you for a general contractor anytime! Not only does your kitchen look good, it is also so functional. Kudos.

  2. I’m impressed with the cabinets, the recessed lighting is a classic touch.

  3. Don and Diane-
    The cabinets do look nice! I’m very pleased…
    I wasn’t going to do the lighting, however, the cabinet maker insisted that they would look nice… and they do!

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